Featured Speakers :

Charles Beames SES
Strategic Advisor, Space and Intelligence
Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Aquisition, Technology and Logistics
Vice Commander (Ret.) Scott Bethel
Director, ISR Agency
US Air Force
Colonel Charles Wells
Program Manager, Distributed Common Ground Systems
James Shircliffe
Manager, Counterintelligence

ISR Summit 2012

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance or ISR Summit will focus on the emerging technology trends and capability requirements for tactical Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance. The importance of delivering actionable intelligence to warfighters’ from ISR platforms has never been more important for ensuring mission success and effectiveness. Emerging challenges to integrate ISR assets into the future force are at an all time high, how do we manage data access? How do we ensure bandwidth to get the data to warfighters in the field? And how do we put control in the hands of those that need it most?

This year’s ISR Summit will incorporate the changing face of ISR assets to include Target Acquisition or ISTAR. With UAVs being armed, we are able to efficiently and effectively enable real time precision strikes without putting manned forces in harms way. We seek to follow this evolution through our event and identify the necessary improvements that must happen in order for ISR to enable successful target acquisition.

Key areas of focus/problems that will be discussed at the event include:

  • What ISR technologies and assets could best identify and track activity so that TA can be accomplished?
  • Where are Homeland Security requirements leading us for domestic ISR solutions?
  • How to design the latest equipment needed to properly coordinate and interdict terrorists?
  • What are the specific issues associated with the different ISR platforms and how do we upgrade?
  • How can international cooperation and policy best aid in ISR activities?
  • What is needed to break down the stovepipes and increase interagency sharing of intelligence?
  • Where to employ assets and tech for greatest efficiency on land (ISR) and sea (BAMS)?

There are a lot of areas of potential focus for a ISTAR event, but the significant area of focus lies with acquisition and the requirements for emerging and legacy ISR platforms. This event will be a venue specifically geared towards discussing the assets and technology requirements of acquisition offices within the US government and military. Best practice and lessons learned from recent operations and the arming of UAVs will offer opportunities to discuss the way ahead via acquisition roadmaps from key military and industry stakeholders.

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